Kitchen gadgets and cookbooks always welcome gifts in our home

A fun collection of kitchen tools and a cookbook for Bob's birthday. Photo by Sue Frause.

Another perk of living with somebody who knows his way around the kitchen is the gift factor -- there's no shortage of gift ideas for somebody who likes to cook. Not only does it make giving giving easier, everybody benefits, including friends and family invited over for a meal. 

The latest cookbook Bob received was for his birthday. Our son Max and his wife Kelsey gave him a wonderful kitchen gift (above) that included an autographed copy of Michael's Genuine Food, by James Beard Award winning chef Michael Schwartz. They recently dined at his acclaimed restaurant, Michael's Genuine Food & Drink, which opened in Miami's Design District in 2007 (he also has a resto in Grand Cayman).  

Roasted "Double Yolk" Eggs with Tomato and Asiago. Photo by Sue Frause.

Bob christened the cookbook this past Sunday, making Schwartz's Roasted "Double Yolk" Eggs with Tomato and Asiago.  It's always a bonus that we have our own chickens, so the eggs are fresh. He served it with little roasted potatoes, sausage, orange slices and sourdough toast. See a video of Chef Schwartz preparing the egg dish from the CBS Early Show (recipe included). 


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