What's for Breakfast? Farmer Bob's Pancakes Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI calendar in Roma (2010). Photo by Sue Frause.

Sunday breakfast is a fun meal at our house. After watching CBS Sunday Morning, the next question is, "What's for breakfast?" And so the menu discussion commences. But for some reason, the night before I had visions of pancakes on my plate, so pancakes got the nod. Or did they?

As with many of life's important decisions, I had a change of heart when Sunday morning rolled around, declaring "No pancakes, I think we should have Eggs Benedict, in honor of Pope Emeritus Benedict!"

What we ended up enjoying was a combination of pancakes and Eggs Benedict. It wasn't intentional, but simply because Bob had the pancake batter prepared before realizing we were having Eggs Benedict. Not one to waste food, he did a bit of slick improv, which he simply called Pancakes Benedict XVI. They were yummy, with nary a puff of white or black smoke to be found.

Farmer Bob's Pancakes Benedict XVI

In honor of the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, I decided to invent a new version of Eggs Benedict. Basically the same as Eggs Benny, but with a hotcake twist. 

  • Pancake Mix (I use Bisquick). Mix up enough for two pancakes per serving.
  • Meat of choice. I used bulk sausage since it was in the fridge. Ham or bacon also works.
  • Poached Eggs
  • Hollandaise Sauce
Make Eggs Benedict (see Farmer Bob's recipe), substituting English muffins with the pancakes. Place the first pancake on a plate, top with desired meat. Place a second pancake on top of the meat, then one or two poached eggs. Cover with Hollandaise Sauce and add salt and pepper to taste. Serve with fruit, juice and coffee. 

Bob's Pancakes Benedict XVI. Photo by Sue Frause.


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