Farmer Bob builds a lending library for our lane

I'm not quite sure how our little lending library came about, but between me and Farmer Bob, we thought it would be a good thing. With shelves of books lining the walls of our home, wouldn't it be fun to share them with our neighbors? 

So Farmer Bob got going on the project, working with a design in his head. I did go to the Little Free Library website for ideas, but had confidence that Bob would tie in our lending library with our house and landscape. And he did! I suggested we add the bench that he built -- its usual spot was in the garden, but with the produce season over, it seemed a good idea for folks to have a place to sit on the lane.

I placed a notebook in the little library with this message: 

Welcome to the Lending Library. Please feel free to borrow a book for your reading pleasure. And of course, add some from your collection. No membership dues, no books overdue. Just  a spot to sit for a spell or pick up some reading material to take home. Big thanks to Farmer Bob for his cool design and construction of the library and bench. 
Sue Frause, Lane Librarian

A view from the backside. No, it's not a drive-thru -- yet!


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